Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still down but fighting back and formulating a plan

   Hello my friends, family and dedicated readers. Wow! Yesterday's blog was kind of intense wasn't it?? Anyone else worried about my mental state? *raises hand and looks around sheepishly* Oh good, it wasn't just me. 

   Well, I'm not one for flight, in that whole fight-or-flight movement. Never really been my forte. I'm more a back me into a wall and watch me explode kind of gal. But man, I kind of felt like falling apart last night. I never thought I'd EVER admit my darkest thought about Arwen like I did. I just kind of wanted everyone to realize, she's coming home with me one way or another. Leaving her here is not an option!

    On with my fight plan!

    As you may have noticed, there is now a handy dandy little "donate" button on my blog now. I'm not asking for donations to further my caffeine addiction, or a horrible crack habit I'm hiding from the world, I'm not even asking for donations so I can support my incredible love for cute/sexy high heels! A treasured friend/family member read my blog (its an understatement to call her an animal lover....she has sacrificed her own body parts functionality for her puppy! She is a saint!) and made the rational suggestion to start accepting donations to a fund to get the cats home. I mean, it was such an easy and straightforward answer, I'd have never gotten there for WEEKS! Don't feel at all pressured to donate. It's there for those who want to donate only! I will not be begging for donations because I know money is tight for everyone, not everyone is an animal lover and not everyone has the means to spare a few bucks. If you can, great! We greatly appreciate it! If you can't, just send a few good thoughts our way and it'll be just as good, to me! 

      Now, we're not just going to sit back and wait for the money to come "pouring" in from everyone else. I fell asleep last night, with plans a rolling over in my head. 

#1- Mac and I's 4th wedding anniversary is next month. We had planned on getting a couples massage, going out to a nice dinner and (I'm going to ruin the surprise now) I was going to spring a glammed up photo session for us on him, because we don't have enough photos of us looking dapper together! With clothes and all it was going to be around a couple to three hundred bucks. Not anymore. I told him this morning, all of that money can go into our savings account. We can celebrate our anniversary in July (our first date anniversary), when our family, our WHOLE family, is home together in the states. No gifts. No celebrations. Because I'm not spending any extravagant amount of money on us when our cats still need funds to come home with us! We're still married even if we don't go on a date, but our cats need us to make some sacrifices!
#2- K has some baby supplies she's been meaning to sell. She's generously insisting I take them, sell them and put the money towards the cats travel fund. This bitch almost had me in tears last night!!! But I love her for it!
#3- I discussed with Mac options with our car payments and bills to help skim some extra cash. As I said we're all making sacrifices, even if it means deferring car payments and extending the loan period by a month, they'll still both be paid off before the end of the year.
#4- I'm going to have to get serious about selling a lot of shit! Books/baby clothes/Nixon's outgrown toys/other stuff...I need to be posting and checking daily to get this shit moved and sold! 
#5- Rolling all our loose change and depositing it into savings. We have, no shit!, 3 containers with loose change in them. All accumulated over the past 2.5+ years. It might only be a hundred bucks or so, but that's a hundred bucks towards getting our babies home!

Finally, please take a minute and sign this petition. It was started by some pet owners here on Okinawa, as a way to let United/Continental hear and see just how we (military families/friends/the public at large) really feel about their new policy change. When I signed last night, I was signature 233 (I think). Currently there are 766 signatures!! Lets here it for social media!! 


Ladies and gents: I'm down, I'm sad but I am far from beaten!!!  

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