Monday, February 6, 2012

Damn it!! I know when these frakking pictures were taken! I swear to Ole FatAss Himself, I do!! (aka Santa update numero 3)

That's right boys and girls, the Santa picture fiasco saga continues! We have the same cast of bumbling characters, but with a new level of "constant" communication between myself and one person in particular, with the same familiar head scratching, "what-the-fuck!!" outcries I've come to know and "love" during this whole debacle. 
You may recall, from the last Santa update blog, that there was finally an interested party who had informed me that photos were taken on a "full memory card" and that this person was going to do everything in her power to get some answers. Well, the emails from her today are anything less than hopeful. I'm  going to share them in their entirety, because something need to be read as a whole.....I'll also post my reply, because it's very rare that I remember entire details like I have memorized from this day. (I'll be totally honest here, I barely remember my wedding day or what I did last Monday. But the events from December 11th around 5:45pm, I've got a pretty airtight memory...this will prove to be QUITE important.)

**I should also mention I emailed this person on Feb 1st because I had not heard from her by her own personally set deadline. She emailed me back, apologizing that her entire household had been ill and she had not had time to further look into the matter but had not forgotten. Just in case someone was wondering, this is not the first time I'd heard from her since January.**

I give you, the emails:
Good morning Mrs. Wilcox-Ball,

I am e-mailing you to ask a few questions to help me in my search. You stated that you had your pictures done on  December 11th, right? You also stated that you received a candy cane, right? I am just trying to narrow down the time frame and picture search. But am a little confused because we didn't give out anything with pictures. I looked at the calendar and that was actually the first weekend we were involved in the pictures. That is also the same night that AFN's camera cards filled up and we spent an hours trying to figure out what we were going to do. The BX tried to help by transferring photos to something else to free up some space so we could continue taking pictures. I am not sure what happen and I know that Coz told them not to delete any photos but, I wasn't back there with them (Coz and the BX associates) so I have no idea what happen. While we were waiting I bought batteries and took a few with my camera and we let parents take their own using their camera's and phones. By any chance, are you one of those parents that took the photos using your own camera or your cell phone? I know we had a lot of people taking their own and we actually closed early that night due to not being able to take anymore pictures using AFN's camera.
 Any info you can give me about that evening will help me in my search.
Thank you and have a blessed day.

Enter my reply (remember those details I mentioned???):
Hello Ms R, 

Yes, we had my son's photos taken Sunday December 11th at the BX. We arrived just a few moments before 6pm, probably between 545pm and 6pm (which I remember because we had to rush leaving the house as my son had taken a later than usual nap and I didn't want to miss getting his picture taken that weekend, since my husband works every other weekend so the next weekend we'd have a chance to do it as a family would be Christmas Eve). There was one other family in front of us when we got there.
No one had suggested we use our own camera, I'd have happily done so if someone had suggested so. 
My son got a small candy cane, before leaving, I'm not sure if it was from Santa or someone else my husband took it since we had not had dinner yet. 
My son was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt, with white long-sleeves underneath. He had on dark green pants and black sneakers. His teddy bear, which was in the photos with him, is also white and about 11 inches tall. 
**There was someone named Tyler there, who was sitting on Santa's lap just before my son. He was one of the high school students and it seemed they were just goofing around at the end of the day. 
I hope this help, this is pretty much everything I remember from that day. I do know for sure it was Sunday the 11th and it was around 545pm that we were there. 
With regards, 

Finally her reply back to my email:

Good day Mrs Wilcox-Ball,

Thank you so much!
I will keep you posted. I have AFN looking into it and their higher ups are following up. It was their understanding that all photos were uploaded so MSgt Prince has CC'd Cpl Helen to chime in. I was told that they are going to have to review all the info.
I promise to stay on top of this.

Thank you again!


   Now, according to her first email, we were never there. We never had our photos with Santa and this is all a mistake, right?? Because according to her, the whole thing closed early on the 11th. So if that's the case, how come I just handed her an entire plate of details for the night of the 11th on a silver platter?? 
  And by the way, MSgt Prince was the one who was supposed to contact her about my complaint in the first place! Funny how SHE contacted HIM and now HE's got someone else looking into it. Because from what he told me in the email, he had nothing to do with this event.....
   I'm sadly very convinced I'll never see those photos of Nixon and I'll, at the most, get a very "sincere apology" and be assured "it will never happen again". 

  But that won't get MY pictures back!! 

Santa....I know you're not a figment of my imagination, I know my family saw you on December 11th and Nixon had his pictures taken with you. I only wish other people would stop trying to convince me I'm the crazy one and fighting a non-existent battle!  


  1. I would write the following back to this cunt:

    Dear Miss WhatsYourFace;

    Considering that the fallen Prince is the same person my original complaint was sent to, and the conflicting information between what he has advised and what you have advised, there will soon be a facebook page erected for complaints regarding this situation so all parents can unite together, without their comments and questions being deleted, and will be fed virally across both facebook and the internet warning any one in the future from doing business with fraudulent photo opportunities to raise money while ripping off the parents whose children you are supposedly trying to help, sine "the children are our future". Let all the little children without Santa Pics raise up and sing their sorrows of this complete debacle. Let it be known that we, the military families, are merely cash cows for the BX/APF/Booster Club. And be sure to know that should this same scam be attempted next year, that parents will spread the word to reduce your flow of unsuspecting consumers with children who have come out, on their best behavior to meet Santa Clause.

    By the way, this has left a wonderful taste of acid on the Holiday season for me. As nothing will obviously be done, then it is my only option to spread the word so my fellow disregarded parents and families can protect others from such despicable events on future holidays.

    (Or somethign like that). In other words, fuck yeah, start a page and post the link on their bloody FB page!!! Fucktard Bastards!!!)

    1. I've posted the status I had on my facebook page, on several community pages here and while a couple parents said they also haven't seen their kids photos no one was willing to give me contact info to pass along. Seems I'm alone in my fight. Which really disgusts me, because I could give to flying fucks about the rest of this bloody island I'm doing this because someone should be held accountable.
      I've been trained to do what these people do! I know how unacceptable this is, yet is seems like this is one giant clusterfuck of pass the buck until I'm totally "confused" about the events of my complaint. Which is not going to happen!

      What really disgusts me is people start hate pages about the cable provider here, but the AFN people (who are actual servicemembers!!) get a pass for fucking us over?!?! Not from me! No fucking way!!

      This whole island and some of the people on it are leaving a bad taste in my mouth, this is just the one fight I'm not giving up on! It's that Wilcox stubborn streak, I guess!