Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yep, we're a family of geeks.

   Some holiday ideas are great. Cookies for Santa? Awesome. Some kind of suckass. Elf on the shelf? This has mommy wars written all over it.
    Never heard of Elf on the Shelf? Count yourself so lucky! Please take a gander one of my blogger-heroes, the Bloggess, and her take on this incredibly insane but somehow trendy traditions.

    Since Nixon is hitting the age where he's learning to enjoy holidays and the fun things that come along with it, I thought it'd be fun to get in on the tattle-telling elf action. But I wanted to do it in a geeky-family friendly way. Why do an elf, which anyone can do, when you can do something awesome that your kid will get really excited about?? Well, if you're me (who, lets be honest, is really awesome) you take your kid to Target and hit up the holiday section. We found the perfect little guy to report to Santa!


    Meet our R2D2 on a shelf! 
    So far he's working fine. Nixon's been in Time Out 4 times today, and R2 and I had a quick discussion about Nixon's behavior.  

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