Sunday, December 16, 2012

and then I had my first heart attack!

   If you're friends with me on facebook, you may have already seen today's update:
What a long rough night Nixon and I had.....
..poor guy had diarrhea throughout the night, almost every hour I was getting up to clean him.
He's snuggled in our bed with Mac right now. I had to run to Target and buy more sheets for his bed, the two we had didn't make it through the night. Into the washer they went....

   What I couldn't put on there, was the nightmare that my day started with. Nixon has been battling some kind of stomach bug since Friday. I've done no less than 6 loads of laundry because of this bug. Friday morning Nixon slept until after 1130am! Yesterday he seemed back to his old self and was awake around 630am (but he did fall asleep on the sofa at 730pm Friday night). 

   This morning, I had to clean and help Nixon change into clean clothes at least 4 times during the night and I was exhausted. Almost every hour Nixon would be calling for me and I'd bolt up from my sleep and rush to him! I changed his sheets, made multiple trips up and down stairs for clothes or to put a load in the washer. 
    I wasn't too worried when I saw the clock read 1130am and Nixon wasn't awake. I figured he was sleeping to beat this bug. I did get up and start my day. 
I checked his bed, no Nixon.
I checked the floor of his room, no Nixon.
I checked the spare room, no Nixon. 
I went back into my bedroom and looked in there. The floor, the Nixon.
I finally woke Mac up and said the words no mother wants to say "I can't find Nixon!"

   While he stumbled out of bed I ran downstairs, feeling a panic bubbling up inside of me.  Nixon wasn't on the sofa, or the padded bench I made just for him. I didn't see him in the kitchen. 
   Finally I called out for him, "Nixon!", "Nixon, baby, where are you?".
   He comes wobbling from the area in front of the back door. "Mommy? I had an accident. I pooped my pants."
I have never been more relieved to hear him say those words! I almost always, ALWAYS, hear him go downstairs in the morning. He always comes into the bedroom to tell me he's awake. I'm pretty sure he was so tired from last night, he didn't know he was downstairs. It's frightening to think he might have fallen down the stairs. 
   I gave Nixon a bath, while Mac went and tried to clean his bed. After the bath I put him in fresh clothes and in our bed with Mac. I left to go to Target, for sheets and other necessities

   When I came home, both of my boys were sleeping in our bed. Mac had his arm draped across Nixon's back. Amber was sleeping at Nixon's feet. And my heart? My heart was overwhelmed with love and contentment when I saw them all together. 

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