Sunday, December 23, 2012

Well, it's the truth, right?

Nixon: AH! I can't build this fucking wall. 
me: what?!
Nixon: I SAID I can't build this fucking wall!
me: Nixon, you are not allowed to say that word!
Nixon: Well, it's being fucking stupid!
*popped him in the mouth*
tear ensue...after I calm him down
me: Nixon, that word is very naughty, that's why I popped you in the mouth
Nixon: yeah
me: Did you keep saying it to get a reaction from me?
Nixon: You didn't hear me.
me: I heard you. You didn't get the reaction you hoped for did you?
Nixon: No. You hurt my mouth.
me: Nixon, I'm not going to say "don't say that word" because I know you're going to say it. Just don't say it in front of adults, okay?
Nixon: Really??
me: Yeah, I'm working on my "Mom of the Year" award.

finished it off with hugs, kisses and tickles. We're cool now!

The truth is, if I tell him NOT to say a word, it's a guarantee he's going to say it. I know he's going to say all the words I tell him not to. He's said "shit", "damn", "bitch" and now "fucking". The amazing thing is he always uses these words IN context! I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed. Well, since I am who I am and he's obviously my son, I'm a little proud. Now, when he drops an F-bomb in public for the first time, that may be a different story.  

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  1. When he drops the F-Bomb in public, just blame Dad!!! LOL :D