Friday, December 21, 2012

How do I bring Santa's magic alive if I didn't have his magic as a child? *not a pity-me post*

   This year is the first time Nixon has really, really been into Santa. He gets it! And he is in awe of all things Santa and the magic aspect of Santa.
   I've been torn on how to keep the magic alive. I never believed in Santa as a child. My parents were very religious and my dad wanted Christmas to be about the religion aspect, not Santa. Santa stole Jesus' thunder, as far as my dad was concerned. I never really heard about Santa because I went to a parochial school with other good Christian kids. I don't recall hearing about Santa until my cousin was old enough to believe in Santa, and by that time I was old enough that I wouldn't have believed in Santa at all anyways. My parents really dodged a bullet there!

   This year, Nixon saw Santa and asked for his gift. He says, every time his C3PO moves to a new place in the house, "Mommy it's magic!" and I love him just a little more.

   My dilemma is, Nixon says he asked Santa for gifts for Mac and I. But he won't tell me what he asked for us. I tried telling him "Santa only brings gifts to children. Mommy and Daddy are grownups and off Santa's list now." Nixon said he cleared our gifts with Santa, because we're a small family. How can I argue with that? I really want him to see the magic of Santa, but I'm worried if we don't get the gifts he asked for for us, he'll be heartbroken. Mac seems to think he'll forget as soon as he sees his gift from Santa, and that I'm worrying over nothing. I'm thinking maybe just this one year, we let Santa bring us gifts.

   And while we're talking about Santa, parents stop letting the fat man take all the credit for EVERY gift! Nixon gets one, yes only one, gift from Santa! Not a whole pile under the tree! Can we all get on the same page, cause it confuses the kids and gives me a serious case of "Mommy Wars" when I'm think of facing this future conversation with Nixon. "But says Santa brings him a whole bunch of gifts! I only get one, and I'm way better than he is." Seriously, xxx's mom, bring it down a bunch of notches.

   That's about it.

Blessed Yule, y'all! (Winter Solstice or first day of Winter for those not familiar with Pagan celebrations.)

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  1. Have Nixon send an email to "Santa" to remind him....Santa's a busy man, sometimes he needs a reminder :)