Monday, February 21, 2011

Bloggin' for Peter!!

There are quite a few causes near and dear to my heart. And sometimes, someone comes into my life and gives me a new cause. This is one of those sometimes. This blog won't be about me and my family. Instead this is a blog about Peter and his Forever Family.
Peter is a 4 year-old boy with Down Syndrome living overseas in an orphanage. Peter's story was brought to the attention of a wonderful woman named Julie Kehm (I might be biased but to me she's pretty amazing!). Julie has a son Nixon's age who also has Down Syndrome (I hope I'm explaining this correctly, Julie) named Kai, who has opened my eyes and heart to how wonderful that extra chromosome makes someone. I met Julie on a site called We share the same birth board and when the drama found us and other random-loving mommas, we found a private group and in the last year roughly 20 wonderful ladies have formed a tight-knit group of support.
Okay so back to Peter and his story. Peter's adoption fees are estimated to be $20k. He's already raised over $15k, thanks to an organization called Reese's Rainbow and Julie's amazing facebook campaign. I'll be adding links for anyone who's interested to go to and get the whole stories.

If you can spare a few dollars, please donate to the family fund. The original $15k is going to Peter no matter what. The family fund is to offset the remaining amount, roughly $5k. The sooner this money is raised the sooner Peter can come home to his family and start getting his health issues addressed. There is a small time crunch though. Due to the way children like Peter are treated overseas, if he is not adopted by his 5th birthday, Peter will be sent to an adult institution which is not a good thing. Peter turned 4 on Feb 20th so he has exactly one year to be brought home before the unthinkable happens.

Links: (peter's story, short and to the point) (peter's forever family's story) (Julie's blog. tells her family's story, Kai's story and will keep everyone in the loop on Peter's adoption process as they wade into the thick of it)

I would never ask anything of anyone that I am not willing to do myself. I have donated to both amounts and as finances allow, will continue to do so. Please take the time to reflect on what a small donation from you can make happen for a child in desperate need a miracle. (That sounded super cheesy, right??? Well it is what it is)

Blessed Be, my friends.

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