Monday, February 21, 2011

Silly random mommy moment

Nixon and I had a good day. Fun at the park (with a total meltdown...sharing is a work in progress these days), a potentially big step by Nixon towards potty training (he asked to go potty, sat on it for a minute or so then got off and wanted to wear his boxer-brief pj bottoms without a diaper. I let him for a few minutes and no accident. He was pretty upset when it was back to diaper time), a good nap by him and even some post dinner snuggles for me!!

I should add, Nixon's been having a verbal explosion these days. He's repeating full sentences and even started singing songs now. His newest song is "Twinkle, twinkle little star".

Now the funny.

Mac took his turn reading to Nixon tonight. When he was done, as we do every night, Nixon and Mac called for "mommy". On impulse, just as I entered Nixon's bedroom I paused and struck a superhero pose. You know the one: hands fisted, resting on hips, legs shoulder width apart and chest thrust out. As I did that I said "Did someone call for a Mommy?" Nixon giggled and Mac said "yeah all I saw was your boobs. That's it all boobs. But it was funny."

Yeah, that's literally a moment in our house.

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