Friday, February 11, 2011

It's almost here!!

Potty training that is. I'm in preparation mode. And like other tasks in my life, I may be WAY over-prepping for it. Let's see, I have already the potty chair, but after REALLY looking at the space in my bathroom, I realized it won't work. So, because the chair we bought can be both a chair or a step stool, I went with the step stool and the seat will now go on top of my toilet seat. The seat itself now hangs from a hook on the side of my sink freeing up space in my postage stamp sized bathroom. I've also got a plan for a reward chart outside the bathroom using a large dry-erase board, plus magnets or stickers. To go with that will be a reward box, which we will be stocking up in the next week or so. In the mail are rubber pants, but these ones are super cute boyish looking ones, for when we HAVE to go out. Also on the list of things to-buy: more elastic waist pants and shorts and of course, little boy undies. Thankfully the BX (base exchange..our walmart or target for anyone not familiar with the military) carries toddler undies, so we'll take Nixon and let him "pick" his own. In reality, it'll be 3-4 packs of the choices they have at the time. Nixon's also taken a liking to Mac's watch, so he may get his own watch too, in the reward box.

We'll be taking on the potty training adventure the first week in March. Mac will be home, he's taking 2 weeks leave (vacation) and its as good a time as any. I plan on documenting it as much as possible through videos, photos and of course, my blog. This is, afterall, one of the biggest challenges parents face with children and since we're only doing this once, I plan on doing it right and remembering it all!

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