Monday, February 21, 2011

The journey...its in the planning phase

Two days ago, Nixon came to me and said "momma I potty". I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty, he said "yes". So I put the training seat on the toilet, moved the step stool to in front of the bowl, took off Nixon's pj bottoms (a boxer brief type shorts) and finally the diaper came off. He sat on the potty, and as is becoming our way, I read his Nemo storybook while he sat there. Nothing came out and he finally said "I all done". So trying not to push the issue, I took him off the potty and let him wash his hands. He grabbed his pj bottoms and (with a little help) put them on minus the diaper. I was a little nervous, but since we were getting ready to go out in a bit and then he'd have to get dressed, I let him go. In roughly 10 minutes like that, we had no accident. So its a small step, but its a forward step none-the-less.

Next comes the award box, training wall poster and stickers.

Today, after talking to a friend last night, I took Nixon to go get some big boy undies. The selections were slim, but we made it with 2 packs of boxer briefs and 2 packs of super hero undies. The saddest part, as his mom, was when Nixon saw "Doora" (dora in Nixonese) and kept saying "momma I wan Doora". I had to explain big boy undies are different than big girl undies and since he was a boy he'd get to wear undies like Daddy wears. He seemed okay with it, but still kept whispering "i wan doora" but to his credit, he never threw a fit.
The lack of a fit was what got him a new "Chuck & friends" toy.

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