Friday, February 4, 2011

"pew, pew" and other phrases

It's Friday, so I guess that means it's "Nixon's acting like a fool" day. He's feeling much better after our puke'scapades on Wednesday and is back to his cracking me up with the random things he says and does ways.

It started in his bedroom, while I was getting him ready for the day. Mac had bought him a little bubble-like figurine of Han Solo a while ago. The figurine came with a laser pistol, but looks more like a video camera. Mac taught Nixon to say "pew, pew" and fire the laser. (He also taught him that no matter what: Han shot first!) So there's Nixon, lying on the changing table, diaper off, doing hip thrusts in the air saying "pew pew" while thrusting his hips up and out! I swear, this kid comes up with some strange acts all on his own. I would've thought 2 years-old to be too young for such things, but maybe Nixon is advanced in things like humor and his body!

Mac had an appointment, so before we went to lapsits I took Nixon to a park to play. He was having a ball running around, laughing and collecting giant green seeds. He had one little girl, about his age I'm guessing, come over and start trying to take his seeds away (watch out for her in about 15 years!!). He'd give her one and she'd take them both. He'd take one back and she's leave only to come back and take the second one away again. In the end, she left before we did...with both his seeds. I found him another and all was right in Nixon's world again.
When it came time to leave the park, I asked Nixon for a kiss before putting him in his carseat. He said "no". So I asked him "Nixon, why can't mommy have a kiss from you?" He looked at me and said "no, yucky". So, in Nixonese, mommy can't have a kiss because mommy's yucky. But as soon as he saw Mac, he gave Mac a kiss!

After naptime, Ball family naptime today, I asked Nixon for another kiss. Again he said no. This time he said "daddy only", which means only Daddy can kiss me now. Or at least that's how I'm taking it to mean. Since, once again Daddy got kisses and mommy got nothing. (I did get one kiss right before Nixon fell asleep for his nap. I feel very special to have gotten that!)

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