Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holy Cow...it's a blog about my crafty ass :)

I've recently joined the ranks of those addicted to pintrest.com. I can't even say how it started. I just requested to join, got approved and have been cruising and pinning ever since! Today I did my first project I found on the site, but like most thing I find on the internet, I adjusted to fit my needs. 

I started with a simple idea to help keep Nixon in Time Out. Lately Time Out involves Nixon singing and dancing his ass right off the T.O. mat or him trying to kiss his way out of the punishment to begin with. It's hard to have a naturally smooth-talking child as a mother, I assure you! One of my friends had pinned this on pintrest and I saw it, thinking "wow what a clever idea". And the need to make it got stronger by the minute!

Mac is on leave this week, just out of a need to take a break more than having a place to go or a burning desire to spend time with Nixon and I. So last night, I showed him a few ideas and this one was the top one I mentioned with the few items I'd need to make it. During the explanation of it, I was suddenly aware that handing a toddler in the middle of a meltdown a glass bottle might not be the best idea....BUT I had a solution! We still had Nixon's empty vitamin bottle with cap, waiting to be recycled, if I super glued the cap on, it'd be practically toddler indestructible! 

And so I was off to make my very own "Toddler Time Out Calming Glitter Jar" (as I've come to call it. Fallow the photos and instructions below to see how it turned out, won't you?? 
(**note: Nixon is napping right now, so he has not seen nor needed this tool yet**)

start with: glitter glue, glitter, clear bottle with secure top, 1 cup hot water, food coloring (and in my case because I know Nixon) super glue to glue the cap onto the bottle.
add approx. 1 tbsp glitter glue into bottle/jar
add the 1 cup hot water into the bottle/jar
add glitter in the bottle/jar. I just poured a bunch on top of the water. too much?? too little?? It's a first attempt, it's not likely to be perfect, right??
I didn't have (and couldn't find) food coloring drops, so I had to use gel, hence the jizz looking blob! Just add a little to make the glitter POP. 
pretty....the food coloring jizz/gel starting to bleed into the water from the top.
The final product shaken up! It's kind of beautiful!
The glitter is settling at the top, not sure if it's supposed to or not, but that's how mine does it! All in all, it seems a perfect Nixon-friendly Time Out Calming Glitter Jar :)

Before I forget: to remove the label from the vitamin bottle, I filled the bottle with water and then soaked the bottle overnight in large bowl filled with hot soapy water. Mac woke up before me this morning and peeled the label off. It peeled off in one piece! He left it in the bowl and I was so amazed I thought it came off like that by itself overnight. (I have to admit I was more than a little disappointed that it did not happen like that). I used my thumb nail and peeled off the remaining adhesive on the bottle.

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