Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scenic day at the beach/park

Nixon on some sand dunes

Don't JUMP Nixon!!!!!

As you can see from the photos, it was a scenic but rocky beach not really meant for sunbathing but perfect for some crabbing. I have never done this before but K and Miss Macy were with Nixon and I, and they were kind enough to show us the ropes. Well, K did more catching of the crabs than I did....I was off playing with my camera while Nixon was busy just pouring sand all over his back! (What a fit he threw when I needed to clean that sand off of him before getting into the car to go home!!) 

For anyone confused about is what I called the activity of collecting beach hermit crabs and putting them in the container I brought for Nixon to put seashells in. Turns out, moving crabs were far more amusing than boring ole least in the eyes of a toddler! We brought 7 home, in a container filled with sand and dried coral for the crabs to climb on, and a piece of wood that some of them were climbing on already. It's kind of a sweet set up...until I read about crabs and realized its WAY too small. 

And one of them died overnight. 

The crabs will be re-introduced to their natural surroundings tomorrow....


In the meantime, I enjoyed taking some great pictures of this quaint beach and having some really nice conversation with K and the kids wore their tiny behinds out!!

(sorry about the color discrepancies in the pictures....I was working on manual setting for the first time in a long time and some photos were magical and some were BLOWN out!! It happens, the impressive thing is I played with my camera and actually got some great pics.)

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