Sunday, September 4, 2011

when I come around (i'll be a diva-asshole too!)

So apparently 39 is the new 12! 
Seems at 39, what with twitter and all, you can dress like an ass (literally showing off your ass), act like an ass ("don't you have anything better to do?"), get tossed on your ass (well off the flight at least), then take to twitter (every "wronged" celebrity's go-to tool to get their side heard right away) and extract an apology from a company merely enforcing their own policy, simply because you are a celebrity. 

Now, you've got to be DYING to know who would be such a diva bitch asshole, right?? Any guesses?? Well, the age is a factor so lets rule out "known" divas such as Chris Brown, Rob Kardashian and his (sister's) life partner Scott "one-day-I'll-be-a-Kardashian-too", and Christian Bale is a bit under this age too (I think, I'm refusing to do any real research right now)......hmmmmm, seems all the really well known male bitches are younger than 39 right???

Would it help if I told you, if you're my age or within 10 years of my age you HAVE to know all the words to at least one song by his band, weather you'll admit it or not??

Final hint: this man (at least in my opinion) would be the last person I'd expect to pull such a bogus bullshit, tizzy act of divaness over something as trivial as clothing. This man has been quoted saying things such as:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you..........Mr. Billie Jo Armstrong of Green Day!!!

Yes siree, what a piece of work he's become eh? Now if that had been any other Joe fucking Schmoe on that plane with sagging pants (why for the love of a giant floating bowl of pasta in the sky does ANYone feel the need to sag their pants anymore?!?!?), said what Billie Jo said, was made to leave the plane and then took to Twitter (I am slowly starting to see the irony of it being called TWITter) about being forced to leave the plane because of sagging pants.....would Joe Schmoe have gotten an apology from Southwest??? Somehow I doubt it. But once again, because a celebrity did it, we (being Southwest in this instance) have to rush right over and kiss his already almost exposed ass and make sure he knows how very, very sorry and ashamed we are that we didn't realize it was HIS pants sagging and not some *snort* Joe Schmoe's. 
Fuck....I just threw up in my mouth again! 

Honestly, Billie Jo....was this really worth it? You couldn't just pull up your pants and sit the fuck down?!?!? For someone who hates celebrities, you sure do know how to act like one and use your own celebrity to force an apology not even owed to you in the first place, like a true celebrity. Bravo, Billie Jo, Bravo!! 

Oh oh!! Does this mean we can expect a Britney Spears and Green Day collaboration in the near future?? Cause I think that would be AWEsome!!!this must be sung as you read it!


  1. It's ridiculous his people no longer take blame for any of their actions. Our country is becoming a nation of whiners and wimps.

  2. Wow, I hadn't read about this instance... And I have now lost a LOT of respect for BJA.... And to think Green Day has been one of my have bands for like ever... Time to rethink that! I can only hope there are no further meltdowns from STP and their front man, b/c they are next on my fave list.... Very sad...

    (And here here to Emo's post!)