Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Shut Up, Arwee"

So, of course on the 4 day holiday weekend, our central air would take a massive wet shit! Literally, it's leaking water from somewhere, but I'm not sure why or from where or even for how long....all I know is, it's fucking hot and we have no central air. The worst part is, Nixon's room, normally the coldest room in the house is not the hottest room in the house. Seriously. Last night, while I had insomnia and couldn't sleep, I went to the bathroom and I saw the debil walk out of Nixon's room with a fan in his hand and he looked at me and said "Hey, you know it's really fucking hot in there! I can not stand it in there, it's too damn hot!" The debil said that people!!! You know it's hot in there, when the debil can't take the heat!

So, as I mentioned, Nixon's room is hot. We resorted to running the a/c (and blocking the closet the unit's in with towels) during Nixon's nap and at bedtime. Mac called housing this morning to report the issue (honestly, I realize it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's still pretty fucking hot here right now and this is the 2nd time the centreal air unit has leaked like this) but with it being a holiday weekend, this most likely won't be fixed before Tuesday, if we're lucky. 

Tonight, around 10pm we hear Nixon's bedroom door open. Nixon is one thing above all other things, and that one thing is: a steady straight sleep through the night sleeper. He doesn't get up out of bed for water. He doesn't play in the middle of the night with his toys. If he screams or cries, its because he's in pain or having a nightmare, not because he's trying to avoid going to bed. So for him to get out of bed and open his bedroom door, is a big deal! We went in and his bedroom was super hot!! I turn on the a/c and Mac puts Nixon back to bed.

About an hour later, we go back to check on him. The a/c had been on that whole time but Nixon was still awake, just lying in bed. Mac gave him a kiss and left the room. I sat on the soft chair next to Nixon's bed and started singing my silly made up songs to him. The first one was for Nixon and it goes:
"Nixon, Nixon baby boy
close your eyes and go to sleep
It's so late, and you need your rest
Go to bed you sleepyhead
Nixon, Nixon baby boy
Close your eyes and go to bed"
Then I kissed him and decided I had one more silly sing in me. And it was for BeBe. 
BeBe, BeBe teddy bear
Nixon very bestest friend
BeBe and Nixon are always together
They are together everywhere
BeBe, BeBe teddy bear
Nixon's very bestest friend"
Then I kissed BeBe and tucked him under the blanket next to Nixon. Nixon pulled BeBe out and said "Mommy, sing bebe again pease". So I sang Bebe's song again. While I was singing it, Arwen came into Nixon's room and was doing here usual "mew, mew". Nixon got pissed that Arwen was in his room and interrupting BeBe's song. 
Nixon rolled away from me and over to where Arwen was near the door. 
nixon: "Arwee, 'hut up!"
arwen: "mewww"
nixon: " 'hut up now, Arwee!! Out!!" 
I had finished BeBe's song so I called Arwen over to me, then got her up on my lap so Nixon could say good night (kindly) to her. He pointed in her face and said "No talking Arwee! Get out!" And with that, Arwen jumped off my lap and left the room.
Nixon rolled on his side, BeBe tucked in his arms and closed his eyes.....after asking me to kiss BeBe's tail first. 
Once again, I do strongly believe the toddler bossy pants gene is closely linked to the mommy's bitch gene. I believe this because Nixon's bossy pants gene is so damned dominant!!

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