Sunday, September 4, 2011

"I can not save you! I can't even save just save yourself!"

Just when I thought my bitterness and rage had been replaced by humor, I had to READ (seriously if I stopped reading recent events I'd probably be a very happy though very ignorant, person) this honking pile of sticking horseshit!!

Are you fucking serious?!?!?Am I missing something?? Isn't FEMA reporting that their organization is losing the means to help support people in AMERICA affected by, oh I don't know, natural distastes like.......FUCKING FLOODS!!! and tornadoes, hurricanes and other "acts of (a very pissed off and none too caring) God". Granted FEMA is a clusterfuck of epic proportions with the way they handled dealing with Hurricane Katrina payments...but that's not here nor there at the moment. Currently funds are so low they've had to stop giving financial assistance to those people affected by the Joplin tornado in order to prepare for Hurricane Irene !! Honestly, does this sound like a country that should be shipping $900,000 worth of aid supplies to an ENEMY?!?!?

Here's the part I'm perplexed by: 
one sentence says this: "Samaritan's Purse said it has pledged $1.2 million in addition to the $900,000 that the U.S. government has allocated for aid to North Korea through U.S.-based charities."

While another sentence less than a paragraph later start out with:"American and North Korean officials met in New York in late July to discuss a possible resumption of long-dormant negotiations on ending the North's nuclear weapons program in return for aid and other concessions."

But wait, here comes the U.S. State Department with a statement. I just know someone there is going to clear this whole thing up right???  
That would be a negative good buddy.....According to someone at the U.S. State Dept, providing humanitarian assistance is separate from political and security concerns. "This emergency relief demonstrates our continuing concern for the well-being of the North Korean people,"

Anyone else as confused as I am right now?? How about pissed off?  What i don't understand is, if this isn't a political statement and we're not trying to gain something from all this....than why aren't these so-called (yet shockingly unnamed) Christian organizations raising this kind of money for folks in Joplin, Missouri?? Or for the thousands of people who are dealing with the flooded aftermath from Hurricane Irene in the Northeast part of the country? Like those parts couldn't benefit from $900,000.

Why are we rushing to donate almost a million dollars in goods to a country whose leader would like nothing more than to nuke our ass right off the map?? 

When will the United States finally realize......WE CAN NOT SAVE THE WORLD UNTIL WE START SAVING OUR OWN ASS!!!! 

Not politically motivated my fat luscious ass!!

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