Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Okinawa, I get it...you want us to know you'll miss us.

Well, it's August so that means it's time for another typhoon!! So far we've had at least one every month since BEFORE typhoon season began in June. Our first one was Sogda at the end of May, and it was a doozy! 

Enter Typhoon Muifa. A Category 3-4 typhoon with it's eye sighted directly at Okinawa. An eye that's pretty evil and nasty, with high winds and what's shaping up to be a 2-day storm. Our shit's secured, lawn's cleaned up and everything's as ready as it can be. Mac is pretty much almost certainly going to be at work for the whole storm, so it's me and Nixon, which is giving me some serious anxiety because I have never been through a storm like this EVER, alone or otherwise. 

We bought hanging outdoor paper lanterns yesterday and I hung them in the living room, kitchen doorway and hallway, in the event we lose power (kind of a certainty at this point) it'll be safer than burning candle and more fun than flashlights. Plus they were from the 4th of July, so they were only $2.oo each and they actually provide a fair amount of light and run on batteries, which we have a lot of! Tacky looking?? Maybe. But something that not very many other people thought to buy yet?? You betcha!

I have a stack of 10-15 towels plus sheets ready for the rain, if it comes, because our windows suck when the wind and rain make friends and attack our house! Sand bags are ready to be put in front of the doors. 

The biggest thing stressing me out?? What to do with Nixon during the wind and shit like that, for 2 days, assuming we lose power! There's only so much I can do to entertain him in the house before I want to drink and he wants to go outside. After about 16 hours...I might want to let him go outside. Bad mommy confession, I know, but really, I'd bungee cord him to the door first! I'm not a monster. I'd also write my phone number on his arm so someone can call me when he's found! Give me some credit here!

Also, why hasn't the bitch across the street from me taken inside her planters and tree?? It's not a big tree, but it's not heavy enough to sustain 150+mph winds! AND....it's likely to come straight into my windows. Now, you'd think I'd just walk over and kindly remind her to take them into the house right?? Clearly, we've never met. I don't talk to neighbors. Well, I talk to the ones right next to us, but I definitely do not walk across the street to tell someone to use common fucking sense and bring those plants inside! Because, let's face it, I couldn't do it without cussing. It'd sound something like this:
*knock knock* (or ding dong...they might have a doorbell)
neighbor: yes?
me: hi, we've never met, but I'd like to say...there's a large typhoon coming and it's obvious you have your head up your ass and haven't heard anything about so I'm doing the neighborly thing and letting you know
neighbor: excuse me
me: I wasn't done
neighbor: um....okay
me: right. as I was saying. see these lovely planters and tree here?
neighbor: yes, I do. I put them there afterall.
me: yes, well I'll put them up your ass if you don't put them in your fucking house soon. See if they get blown into my house and hurt myself, my son or goddess forbid kill my cat because you, once again have your head up your ass and leave them outside for the storm, I'm going to transplant them into your anal cavity! So how about you put them inside now and forget we ever spoke?
neighbor: who are you again
me: *sigh* I can see this is not going to work (grabs a tree) how about you bend over and I'll put the tree in a safe place for you??

See...very neighborly right??

I forgot where I was going with this blog....big, damn, ugly storm coming. I'm nervous, Mac may not be home during it and people aren't securing their shit!

Wish us luck!

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  1. I'll definitely be wishing you good luck! (Sending good luck vibes in your direction) :D if you could send it in this direction, the storm that is! ;) I'm sure my parents would love you to death lol they own acreage and would do anything for some rain! :D