Saturday, August 13, 2011

This important life lesson brought to Nixon by Mac.....I know! I was shocked too!!

I have a feeling a common theme in many a stay-at-home-parent's list of complaints about the working parent would be the lack of parenting participation. Or maybe that's just me. Could be just me....Mac likes to ask me, repeatedly, the same question about Nixon and still never quite seem to grasp my answer. (An example...spanking. I am ANTI-spanking. I don't feel that using force to punish is going to accomplish anything. Mac seems to think I mean I'm only anti-spanking until Nixon gets older. Like I might change my mind at a certain day on the calendar and suddenly say "okay honey, you can start whooping his ass now." And it seems no matter how many times I tell him I am AGAINST spanking, he keeps thinking I mean "for now". Sure I joke about beating Nixon's ass, and I've swatted his behind a couple times but never hard enough for him to feel anything through his diaper and it's been a case of him running off in a parking lot, not just because he annoyed me.)

One of my biggest dreams is to have Mac help me teach Nixon some life lessons. Today, that dream came true!!

One problem we never have with Nixon is getting him to eat fruits and veggies. He loves them! (Yes, I know I'm lucky like that....he also sleeps awesomely, hate me if you want too. I'm used to it by now) Mac was giving Nixon some grapes this afternoon and he dropped one on the ground. Quick as could be, Nixon snatched it up off the floor and started blowing the grape off (like he's seen Mac do 1000+ times), before popping it in his mouth. Mac, proud as could be, called out to me from the kitchen "Hey babe, Nixon just figured out the 5 second rule!"

The was one proud papa and one important life lesson, all because a grape hit the floor!! 

Balls don't waste food!!!   We're working on our family motto.

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