Thursday, August 11, 2011

"I said ahh Mommy"

Nixon's not been denied many things in his short lifetime. In fact, only recently have I realized one major "failing". Nixon has never really had ice cream!! OH the horror!!

Mac was eating some cookie dough ice cream and was doing his idea of sharing (which is giving Nixon a sip of ice cream off his spoon and then shoveling a heaping spoonful of his own into his mouth) and Nixon was loving it. When Mac was done, I got up and decided I wanted some, something that almost never happens, because usually by the time I finally do want some ice cream it's already gone. 

Nixon immediately came to sit next to me, lick his lips and say "mmmmm i'e cream". I share far more generously than Mac does, but I also expect a please and thank you from Nixon as we go. Unfortunately because Nixon was so excited about the new treat he was forgetting the most basic manners he's been using daily for over a year now. 

Instead of saying "please" even when prompted by me "nixon what do you say?"
Nixon (smartass in training that he is) says "Ahhh". 
So, I offer to give him a second chance "Nixon....puh....."
Again, my little smartass says "Mommy, I said ahh" as he points to his mouth and the ice cream carton.
So I finally say "Nixon say please or no more ice cream"
"Please more yummy ice cream mommy......ahhhhh" as he moves his mouth closer to the spoon. 

Yeah, he got more ice cream and I got a lesson in toddler smartassery.

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  1. LOL! Liam does the same thing. Only when we say, "How do you ask?" he responds, "How do you ask?" with a twinkle in his eye to see if he'll get away with it. You're right....toddler smartassery.