Thursday, August 4, 2011

shit I made for Nixon, tacky lanterns and the neighbor did not prepare.....with pictures!!

So while I'm sitting here, still waiting for this very elusive typhoon to finally do something other than annoy me with the total lack of anything, I've decided to impress you all with my photo skills. 

"dump truck" bed

sheet & pillowcase
First, a couple nights ago I decided to make Nixon his new flat sheet and pillowcase.  I (thought) the pillowcase would be easier. WRONG!! It took me over an hour and a half to make a pillowcase!! To begin with, I didn't know I didn't order enough fabric...opps. But I did have some spare fleece in my fabric box, so it worked out, but still...almost fucked it all up right from the damned get-go! Once I finally got the pillowcase done, I moved onto the flat sheet. Easy-peasy really. It was done in less than 45 minutes. Holy shit, sewing machine came THIS close to getting thrown into the wall. Sometimes it gathers the bottom thread underneath and it becomes a giant clusterfucking mess! It did it a couples times and I was trying really hard NOT to ruin Nixon's sheet. In the end it all worked out...thank you modern medicine because without my meds I would've lost my fricken mind!!
typhoon bounce on the bed

Nixon calls his bed "dump truck bed" now and I'm happy he likes it. 


neighbors planters & potted tree BEFORE "securing" them

neighbors plants AFTER "securing" them. Note the total lack of securing. These aren't even the really heavy badass winds yet! Good job, asshole!!        

My "tacky" emergency lanterns...hung with care!
the emergency lanterns in the living room!   

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