Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shit.....I's growing up!

This week has been an emotional one, to-say-the-least. 
Nixon started potty training, but I'll have to work on that while Mac is not around. The two of them butt heads and press each other's buttons far too easily to get anything accomplished. It'd be comical if it weren't so bad for Nixon's potty training progress. I can not WAIT to see how these two handle puberty!! Shit...I might have to move out just to survive it myself! I kid you not, these two will battle over the color of the sun.....and they'd both be saying the same fucking color!! Testosterone, you are the problem! 
I saw, and was lucky enough to be a part of, the military family pulling together and helping one of their own yesterday. It may have been the hardest thing I've ever been part of. A young mom stationed here in Okinawa, lost her husband in a motorcycle accident. She's got a 4 year old and another baby due in a just a few weeks. The network of wives on facebook pulled together and within hours had meals for a couple weeks lined up, and started a fund to make daddy dolls for the 2 children. I have never, in my short life as a military wife, seen such an outpouring of support and love to another military family member in need! I was touched, proud and impressed by the other spouses, many of whom (myself included) have never met this woman, but stepped up to the plate and offered any help they could to ease her burden during this horrific time in her life. It shook me, just imagining getting that news being so far from family and having a very limited support system here. (I went into the bedroom, where Mac was napping, and nearly smothered him with a hug just after reading the news of the tragedy.)

Mac and I had a frank discussion about his final duty station choices. This was a "oh shit, we done growded up" type conversation, because we realized, well honestly *I* realized, what we wanted and were we went might end up being 2 different things. And, I was okay with it.  At some point I realized (and accepted) I'm married with a child. It's not all about what I want. It's not all about what I feel I'm entitled too after being dumped on this tiny ass island in the middle of the goddamned oceans, far away from my family and friends with no job for the past 3 years and for a while really no friends. It's Mac's job that is getting us to this next station and its his LAST station. He'll be retiring from this place. So after some serious heart-wrenching soul searching, I took myself out of the equation. Because to be completely honest, as long as Nixon, Mac & I are in the same place together, somewhat close to family (close being in the same country at this point) I'm content. 
But y'all still aren't finding out where we picked. haha bitches!!

Finally, to end on a good note:
I got to go see my friend's brand new baby girl yesterday. I even held the tiny little peanut! She's about an inch longer than Nixon was and 5oz heavier, but holy shit was it impossible to ever remember my rambunctious "follow me, mommy" boy ever THAT tiny and helpless! Hopefully, if things work out, I'll even get to take some pictures of the new family of 4 this weekend, just for fun (and so her friends and family back home with leave her the fuck alone about "post new pics of the babeeeee" it's annoying because new moms have nothing else on their plate but to take 1000 pictures of the baby while she sleeps/eats/poops, right?!?!?)

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  1. not letting up where you are moving next, eh? so evil. ;)