Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Typhoon Muifa....suck it bitch!

What I learned from this 3 day storm:
*I am not built (mentally) to handle hurricane/typhoon induced house arrest. I got cabin fever, lost my mind, started yelling at the wind and rain and was convinced the entire Navy was trying to force not only Mac and I to get a divorce but also Nixon and I to divorce each other. Yep, I was convinced Nixon and I were filing paperwork on Monday to annul our mother/son "marriage" because we were both totally over each other by the end of that storm.
* While mentally I am not meant for these storms, I can totally secure some lawn shit to withstand typhoon winds! I've been the one who's secured Nixon's sandboxes for the typhoons this year (even though I've never had to do it in the past and Mac grew up in Miami!).   
* I am unbelievably prepared for a power outage that is never going to happen in this house. Our power didn't even blimp like it might go out. I mean c'mon here people!!! How am I supposed to enjoy my tacky lanterns if the power never goes out?!?!?

Red Bull is not coffee.
After 8 hours of howling winds outside, I'm over it. 
I have zero parenting abilities when cabin fever sets in. I made air popped popcorn, turned on movies and kept Nixon away from the windows...because I wanted an unobstructed view of the storm outside, not because I wanted to keep him safe. 
Why do I have power but only .5 inch of water in my toilet??? Why did it fascinate me that there was almost zero water in my toilet?? (say it with me...Cabin fever)
My tub does not hold water. Why tell me to fill my tub with water, if it won't hold the water??? That was a waste of my fucking time and water. I mean...really....yeah, there was no point to that one. 
Me+high winds overnight+fear of flooding= less than 4 hours of sleep. Enter funny ranting videos
And...apparently, I become slightly paranoid and create my own conspiracy theories about how Mac got stuck at work that in reality have absolutely no factual based probability. Or so says my husband. I still stand by my claim!!

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