Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why sleep when ranting is so much more productive???

(I'm using red because I'm FUCKING pissed!!)
This rant brought to you by: The US fucking Navy. Sponsored by: Mac's command stupid decisions.  And endorsed by: My pissy ass fucking attitude! 

So, here's a little background: 
Normally at Mac's work, in a typhoon situation, when the military bases go to TCOOR-1C whatever shift (known as section) that is currently on duty, stays on duty for the duration of the storm. Following me?? Good. Okay, so....Mac worked last night, got home at his normal 630'ish in the morning and went straight to bed. Why?? Because some fucking genius decided LAST GODDAMNED NIGHT to flip the script and say "hey if we go TCOOR-1C after 11am, you guys are getting recalled early". other words, expect to come back into work and stay here for the storm. 

Now, what I heard was:
"I'll be going in and staying for the storm with the other section" 
but what was said was:
"I'll be going in early and the other section will be going home for the storm."

Now, I know I lost some of you, so let me (as Nixon would say, thanks to Yo Gabba,Gabba "ah, breakitdaown"), at TCOOR-1C there are sustained winds of 35-50mph winds. So, in other words, these fuckers are not only risking my husband's life, but they're risking his whole sections lives AND the other sections lives by asking them to drive INTO work AND drive HOME from work in those conditions, since oh yeah, this week everyone now lives about a half hour's drive from White Beach in GOOD weather!!

So, of course, the call comes at just minutes after 1pm!! Mac has to get up and get dressed and leave for work. I have no idea how long he'll be there for....but at least I can take comfort in knowing, that Bible thumping sonuvafuckingassclown is home with his family, since MY husband was called in early to relieve him and his section!! 

So really, how much sense does it make to risk not just one but two sections worth of peoples lives, over a few hours?!?!? Honestly, who the fuck made that call??? Seriously?? Mac's co-workers had ZERO say in this call, absolutely no reasoning for why the normal procedure was thrown out AT THE LAST FUCKING MINUTE, and no explanation for why they had to drive in less then desirable conditions so that another section could go home and drive in the same less than desirable conditions. 

I'm thinking....someone (Bible thumper...I might be looking at you.....) took a shot in the mouth or ass to make this happen so quickly. I mean, I've heard of taking one for the team, but THIS, this is extreme!! 
And yes, I realize, Mac is of an "essential personnel" job. What I don't get is the sudden script change and dangerous situations these sailors lives were put in, just because someone decided for some unexplained reason, the section ON shift needed to be relieved early! That's what NO one seems to have an explination for. 

And since Mac can't say it.....I can.........

FUCK YOU!!!! Fuck you for risking that whole section's well-being just to make sure another section's well being is risked on their way home. I hope you sleep comfortably in your bed knowing that you made a shitty decision today and while no one was hurt, it wasn't for your lack of trying! I hope you at least rubbed his back or patted his head, when you were done with him, (whoever he was) that made this whole clusterfuck of a catastrophic procedural last minute change come about....otherwise that's just cruel!

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