Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holy shit y'all....the switch it flipped on!!!!

For a while I've been slowly resigning myself to the fact that Nixon will (a) take his fisher price aquarium mobile to college with him and (b) never potty train. Seriously, he's been more resistant to potty training than I have been to changing my conspiracy theories about Mac's 50-hour typhoon shift. (**cough** shot in the mouth **cough**) Meanwhile, it seems almost every other child I know of who is around Nixon's age has either started training recently or is totally potty trained, making me feel (once again) like a failure as a mother...but honestly it's not that difficult to do. 

So last night, I asked Nixon if he'd like to use the potty like a big boy like daddy does and wear undies like daddy does. 
Nixon said "dinosaur undies?!"
My reply was "Only if you use the potty like a big boy all the time. If you potty all the time, we'll get you dino undies."
Nixon said "Okay mommy, I want dino undies."

Then he got ready for bed and went to sleep.

This morning, after breakfast, I tried reminding Nixon of that claim. It took a few minutes, and a trip to Time Out for throwing a toy at me, but he finally decided to try Pull-Ups. After about 30 minutes of being dry he asked to take them off (cue the celebration for being dry for 30 minutes!!). The first battle was getting him to sit on the potty. I'd turned off the tv so that he didn't get distracted and forget to focus on his body's cues. Well, I moved his potty chair into the living room and turned on the tv and sat him on the potty. He fought me and I had to find a reward that worked for him....stickers? no. new toy? no. big boy undies? no. ice cream?? yes!!! Big boys who pee pee on the potty ALL day get ice cream after dinner!! THIS got Nixon to sit his ass on the potty for 10 minutes until he peed for the first time!! And then he peed again a few minutes later, walking over to his chair backing his behind over to it and sitting down to pee!!! And he did it again 10 minutes after that!!! 
After every pee, big or little, I'd do a little cha cha dance singing "pee pee in the potty, Nixon pee peed in the potty" and give him stickers from a super secret location! 
Nixon napped in a diaper, then we went back to the potty training. He had one accident which he helped Mac clean up and he peed through the Pull Up Mac put him in after he woke up from his nap (I was out running errands). Once I got home, with noise makers for the post-pee celebrations, it was back to naked potty training and he was all good!

Dinner came, he ate next to nothing like he's been doing lately, but he still got his "big boy potty reward" ice cream.  Turns out, Nixon is a lot more like Mac than I give him credit motivates him too! 

enjoying the well deserved reward of his day

So intent on enjoying that ice cream!

product placement! lol  Nixon dropped a spoonful and was concerned....He's such a Ball!


  1. YEAH!!! Great job Sir Nixon and awesome job Mommy!! :)

  2. OMG. I've been trying to figure out how to get Liam to pee on the potty. I think we're going to offer ice cream and a naked boy.