Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not naming names....but asking for opinions

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We've been very lucky, while here on Okinawa, to have met and worked with many talented photographers. But lately I've come to realize some of the most talented ones aren't the ones you'd expect. Unfortunately, most people assume if you pay a lot for a photographer it mus mean the photographer is really talented. 
As I laid on the sofa last night, looking at my wall of photos from the past 2 years, I was struck by the contrasting settings and styles of the photos as well as the photographers. I asked Mac about it and he really didn't have an opinion because we have one photographer we like and will use for our remaining time here. 

So I thought...I'll post a variety of photos taken by the various photographers we've worked with and ask each of you to choose your favorite one. There's no rhyme or reason for it, other than I know a lot of my friends are trained photographers and others are hobbyist photographers, either way you'll enjoy looking at the different styles of photographs (and I'm sure you'll critique them like I always do). Feel free to email me or message me on facebook to ask which photographer is charging the highest booking fee (I won't post their names or fees publically).

Have fun!!
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