Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tacky Lanterns.....they're never going to get old!!

Some people have sexy lighting in their bedrooms. Like candles or scarfs on the lamps. (I don't know I've scene it on tv)
I have a tacky lantern over the bed!!!

So here's the story. Now before I give you too many details, I will say...this conversation took place after I took my medications for the night, which do tend to make me less coherent than normal (shocking right?!??) 

I went to bed and turned on the lantern. Mac came into bed and didn't say anything about it. I started the conversation and it got goofy....
Me: Do you like my  sexy mood light? (aka tacky lantern)
Mac: the nightlight? whatever
Me: I can turn it off, but I thought you know...I could switch things up tonight.
Mac: okay, well if you need the nightlight on that's fine
Me: It's not a night light its a sexy mood light!!!
Mac: What?? Why would we need a sexy mood light??
*I roll over and start to pout because clearly he's being an asshole and this is his dick way of being funny
Mac tried to hug me as I was pouting. While I was pouting, I was thinking of words to tell him he's being a dick. Now, as I've mentioned, my head doesn't always work right when my meds have started to work.
I finally think I've come up with something really witty.....
Me: You know, there's no "i" in "selfish".
Mac: What the fuck? Wanna try that again?
Me: NO, I stand by my claim....I know what I meant!!
(at this point we're both laughing because it's gotta be one of the fucking stupidest things I've ever said...but it's not the last)
I get rebuffed again at my sexy attempts, so I'm back to pouting, with random moments of laughter "no i in selfish...what the fuck??". 
Mac tries once again to snuggle me from behind. I'm still pouting so I bust out another gem:
Me: there's no "i" in "snuggle"...wait is that right?
Mac: yeah, but it doesn't make much sense. 
Me: sure it does, well in my head it made sense, but then again no i in selfish made sense too
Mac: you have GOT to blog about this!
Me: it is not a nightlight!!

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