Thursday, August 18, 2011

Literally kissing up to me....

Nixon gets more and more personality every day! It's a good thing and a bad thing. It makes him more of a little person and less a baby.  He's so smart, too! And he's always pushing his luck. 

This morning his funky little behind got put in Time Out for throwing his toys. He got his 3 warnings and then off to Time Out we go. While I'm bending over and explaining to him why I'm putting him in Time Out ("Nixon, you're in Time Out because you were asked 3 times to not throw toys and you chose to continue throwing them. You know that behavior is not acceptable. You are in Time Out for 2 minutes. I'll come back for you then."), he's standing on his tiptoes, holding my hand and kissing my chin & cheek telling me "Mommy you preety" and "high fib (five) mommy". When I stand up, he sits on his mat and waits out his time. 

How in the bloody damn hell do you NOT melt when your son is kissing you and telling your pretty??? For me, I had to do the time out, but I almost....almost caved and let him out of time out, but that would've just not accomplished anything. 
But hot son's not even 3 and working on sweet-talking his way out some trouble. Ladies and Gentlemen....I suggest you lock up yer daughters now, because this kid is a natural! 

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