Monday, August 29, 2011

There's something about Nixon....

Nixon talks in his sleep. Seriously, Mac or I can go in there at certain times during the night and Nixon will give us: kisses, high fives or talk to us. It really is incredibly cute and slightly unnerving too. I mean, Mac doesn't talk in his sleep...he does throw elbows in his sleep though, and snores...loudly! I don't doubt that I might talk in my sleep, if you've met me it's pretty damned hard to get me to shut the fuck up! 

So a couple nights ago I went into Nixon's bedroom and snuck a kiss on his forehead. He did his little kissy lips, so I gave him a kiss on his lips. Here's the "conversation" we had:
me: Nixon, you know you're mommy's favorite, right?
Nixon: favorite
me: yep, you're mommy's absolute favorite love in the whole world
Nixon: no fabrite
me: no favorite? of course you're my favorite you silly sleepy boy!
Nixon: shhh...sleepy mommy
me: I love you Nixon
Nixon: bye bye mommy get out

I laughed as I left his room! What can I say, even in his sleep, he's a bossy little shit! But....he's my bossy little shit! 

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