Friday, August 26, 2011 a toddler a broken piece of crap is the BEST!

   So, Nixon is in a destructive phase in a addition to being hilariously stubborn!

Last week, Nixon said to me "follow me mommy", took my hand and lead me to the Time Out mat. He said "Mommy you in Time Out. Stand 'ere" and walked away! I stood there, laughing the entire time, because he was so stern about it! He came back and I asked him "Nixon, why did you put mommy in time out?" His response to me? " talking yet" 
What. The. Fuck! right?!?!?
He came back, said "sorry mommy, but I lob you" and gave me a hug. 
Three days later he took turns putting BeBe and one of his cars in Time Out. This went on for over 30 minutes and everytime I heard him say "BeBe it time for a Time Out" I almost pissed myself laughing! I still do not know WHAT BeBe was doing to get himself put in Time Out, but Nixon was having none of it! 

Tonight was that destructive phase I mentioned. Nixon has a plastic truck from the 100 Yen store that he loves. He decided he was Super Toddler.....and he broke that truck in pieces! He then proceeded to throw another one of less then awesome tantrums when the truck no longer stayed together and I couldn't fix it. I lost count how many times I heard "Mommy bix it NOW!" and "It not broken!" which later morphed into "not crap" because I kept telling him "Nixon, you broke it and it's now just another piece of crap". 
He eventually took one of those "broken pieces of crap" to bed with him. Even telling Mac he had "crap" in bed with him.

Look at of the year, "crap" is way better than "shit"! 

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