Sunday, July 17, 2011

broken shite + facebook will eventually lead to Star Wars...true story!

Before I get to the awesomeness that is the title, let me say my marriage is saved!!! Mac found the V key! Turns out, it had slid under the space bar. And, he claims, he wouldn't have divorced me over a missing key in the first place, since the button still worked it was just missing. Had it not worked it would've been taken into consideration. Apparently. 

On with the story!

To spread the word about my blogs, I post the most recent ones in a link on my facebook page. Today's was no exception. Sometimes it gets a couple "like", maybe a comment or two, sometimes nothing. It is what it is. This morning's blog was commenting genius from my friends and I felt the need to share because I know not all my blog readers are on my facebook friends list. So I'm going to copy and paste the comments, remove the names and the do something creative with colors so you, my entertained readers, can see and identify the commentators somehow other than names. Because trust me, this is pretty common stuff with my friends and you don't want to miss it! And, best of all, it all goes hand-in-hand with the previous blog! Its the circle of life of a blog!
So here it is...Enjoy the mindless and yet deeply potentially offensive thought processes of my friends and myself!

(1)omg- thanks to Owen my laptop is missing two keys, the "up" and "down" keys, which makes it difficult to scroll web pages because those keys are so convenient. Said laptop would be missing more if it wasn't for my scary growl.... well more like I check on him every two minutes if he's not within eyesight. Us women got the screwy end of the deal here! ;) 
(2)quick, Rea, get some black electrical tape and white out...make a new 'V' key and see how long it take him to notice. hehe
Rea Wilcox-Ball Good idea 2! But I think he'd notice a lot faster than you'd think, his laptop has arabic letters on the keys too! lol
(3)Mac will give you shit over it but that's what Mac does. I can't see him being upset enough to divorce you over it. If you had fucked up some of his Star Wars stuff, however... It was nice knowing you cause that shit is punishable by death and it says so in the Constitution.
 Rea Wilcox-Ball haha 3, his Star Wars stuff has been relocated and safely removed from Nixon's reach by myself on several occasions as he's gotten older. I know my role in that aspect.
And to be fair...I was the one whose mp3 player got a coffee bath courtsey of Nixon, so a missing key seems petty in comparison.
(4)I'm still stuck on how he will get a new laptop, because a letter is missing...As a guy, 1 or 2 shits a day is sufficient for me unless something is wrong with my stomach (illness, food poisoning, etc.), nose picking/farting/etc. should only be done in private whenever possible (Manners 101), 4 shits a day and extremely odorous gas makes me wonder what he's eating or what is physically wrong with him and is it a serious illness?, Star Wars are just bad movies (writing, plot, acting (except for Harrison Ford and Chewbacca)). As for the parenting stuff, not there and not a parent.
 Rea Wilcox-Ball haha...4 his laptop's old and he's been pricing new ones for a while. This might be the final push to get him the new one. We're working on the nose picking at home only. Mac eats lots of spicy foods and puts spice on everything.
Chewbacca carried that entire series! :)
(3)Hey now. Star Wars is like the Bible on film. You don't speak ill of the Word. It's just bad luck. And, yeah, Mac's shitting habits are a thing of legend and going more than once or twice in a day is not normal. At least, as far as I've seen. I don't go that often and I have a medical condition that does weird shit to my stomach and intestines.
(5)Effing awesome! We should run off and live happily ever after with Beyonce and leave Mac and Cam to live out their days fighting over the toilet...
(4)Ur right 3..Star Wars is like the bible...full of outrageous stories and inconsistencies...Not to mention incest...Star Wars is horrible, all 6 of them
(3)*sigh* Perhaps comparing Star Wars to the Bible wasn't a good comparison. I actually LIKE Star Wars and I'm pretty sure no one's been killed over it... 
Rea Wilcox-Ball Star Wars and the Bible are both epic works of fiction that have led to millions of stupid discussions about the pointless justification of almost any topic known to man in relation to Star Wars and/or the Bible. AND both Star Wars and the Bible have a figure that came back from death (or close to death Anikan I'm looking at you) to be followed by and defended by thousands of people and it doesn't always end well for said followers. 
Rea Wilcox-Ball And how in the hell did a blog about broken shit spin off into a rant about Star Wars vs the Bible in epic works of fiction?!?!?
(5)Cuz that's what blogs do! Too bad Mac didn't win Peter's laptop giveaway...I could've saved your marriage.
(3)Because, Rea, in the end, it always comes back to Star Wars.

Moral of the story....there isn't one. But my geeky atheist husband isn't ready to get rid of me yet, his computer is fixed, I have a lesbian offer on the table (yeah baby!!) and I probably offended or helped to offended Christians and Star Wars fans alike, all in one afternoon....on facebook...with the help of some friends. All because Nixon managed to pull a few keys off Mac's laptop.
Parenthood, it is so not what I signed up for.

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