Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My life is pretty lovely

Mac and I pulled off the best surprise for Nixon yesterday. Thankfully the stars aligned and Nixon napped early so he was in a great mood when it came time to go too. We took him to go see Cars 2, and while it didn't look like he'd last in the beginning (when he started yelling "no popcorn no popcorn!") and wasn't going to sit still (he started saying "all done! go bye bye" before the movie even started), when the lights went down and he saw Mater and McQueen, he was hooked! Quite a few times I had to lift him back into a sitting position because he just got so comfortable he almost slouched right out of the seat! He did spend the last 20 minutes on my lap, but I'm not complaining, who knows how many more movie snuggles I'll get from him.

And I must brag on him for a minute, because he did not make a peep the whole movie and it was just over an hour and 45 minutes long (I think). That's a long time for a 2.5 year old to sit quietly and focus on anything, let alone not speak/yell/run around or do anything else disturbing. He even said good bye to the movie, the cars and Mater when the movie ended and we left the theater. I know Mac was worried about my plans to take Nixon to see this movie, but we all had a great time at the movie and it was good for him (Mac) to have something to brag about, as a dad for a change. He tends to focus on the negatives of Nixon's behaviors a lot more than the positives, so for him to see Nixon sit through an entire movie after the potentially epic meltdown in the beginning, was a very good thing.


Car ride conversation with Nixon and I today:
(light turned green, cars start to move around us)
Nixon: go mommy, go cars
me: Nixon, I can go when the other cars go
Nixon: go now cars!
me: we're all going now Nixon
Nixon: Mommy faster, go cars faster!
(I see a car in the lane next to us tailgating the car in front of him)
me: Oh c'mon there is no need for that nonsense! Just back off a bit before someone gets hurt, you moron!
Nixon: no nonsense moron! moron nonsense!
me: Nixon, that's not nice, only say "no nonsense"
Nixon: No moron nonsense
me: Yep, that was me!

But to be totally was a moron move to be tailgating, because....there was no one in the lane to the right, so the guy could have passed on the right and then moved ahead of the guy he was tailgating! I mean, it's what I would've done. And I'm pretty sure, it's what Nixon would do when he's old enough to drive too! I really wish I could drive and video our conversations in the car sometimes, THOSE are the moments I really want to remember!

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  1. <3 <3 <3!!! That's awesome! I love your blogs! It makes it sooooo easy to keep up with our little Nixon-Monster!!! :)

    (BTW, the blood background made me a bit queezy when I first loaded the page! That's scary realistic!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwww)