Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a contest, a cry for a help and a secret code!!!!

The HUBS and I are in a photo contest on facebook....

Guess what boys and's that time again. I know you're asking yourself "What time is that Rea?" and here's the answer:
It's time to vote for Mac & I in a photo contest to win a FREE session!!!
Okay I'm going to spell it out, so no one can say they didn't know how. Ready?? Okay:

step one: Go to Miss Mary Photography facebook page (or click on the link I added here to ease your search), are you there? cool, "like" her page (why?? because she's pretty awesome and she likes giving shit away, like free sessions on a weekly basis...fucking awesome! Right?!?!?) 
step two: Once you like her page, got to this album "Photo Contest: Couples!" Now, look for the one couple that has the graffiti background making you say "Damn that is a cool, fun couple who I HAVE to vote for!"...and VOTE...because that is us!! I know, how fucking awesome is that right?!?!? I mean anyone can get their picture taken on a beach, in a park, or you know that "standard" facebook arms length camera away pose....but a fucking graffiti'd building....goddamned gold right there motherfuckers!! Hell, if it weren't Mac and I, I might have to vote for a couple that came up with such a cool fucking idea!! But we did it first, so vote for us!! Now, I know you're all really excited about placing your vote, right?!?!? Well, here's how.....
Step three: the vote you comment on the photo. But, how about this...if you are voting because you read my blog, can you just write "Vote....down with PMM" for me?? No one but people who read my blog wll know what the fuck that means, but I will get a good fucking laugh out of it, and you'll be able to see who reads my blog, right?!?! It's kind of a fun "meet and greet" if you will, and of course, I'm double benefiting, but who cares, we're all friends right?!?!?
Voting is from now until Friday July 29th, Okinawa time, so Thurday night state/canada-side time. 
THIS is the photo you are voting for. But in case you don't have facebook, I didn't want to leave you wondering about the graffiti wall and photo awesomeness! So behold!!
Thanks for reading, hope you vote and see you at the "meet and greet"

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