Friday, July 29, 2011

SuperMom and WonderWife is on the JOB

Every now and then I have a few stellar days in both the mommy and wifey departments. Today might just be one of those days. 

It started with Nixon actually ASKING for dinner. Lately, he'll refuse to eat anything I make for him. Tonight he came over to me and said "Momma, chicken is yummy in my tummy". I asked him if he wanted chicken for dinner. He said "No, mommy, BeBe wants chicken in his tummy." Well, if BeBe will eat it apparently Nixon will eat it too. I made Nixon his chicken tenders, a waffle and a banana (since Nixon declared veggies to be "yucky"). He ate the waffle, half his chicken and his banana. Plus he ate some of my pineapple pieces. 

Bathtime is a battle these days with Nixon. NO idea why, but it has become an epic battle that ends in tears, screams and I'm pretty sure the neighbors are speculating about murder until they see Nixon the next day! I've tried coloring the water with food color, I've bought foam numbers and letters, boats, squirt toys and everything works for a few baths and then they don't. He still freaks about getting his hair wet (even though he loves shampooing his hair himself!). So tonight, I tried a different approach (and discovered my husband really will save anything even remotely useful for an INcrediably long ass long time) tonight. 

Nixon enjoying the glowstick bath...
Mac has a plastic box of glow sticks. I figured I'd grab 3-4 of them, break 'em, shake 'em and  toss 'em in the tub filled with bubbles and WAH-LA.....glowing bubblebath! Nixon seemed really into the idea too...until it was time to get into the tub. But before that headache happened. Let me say...I found glowsticks that 1998!!! The most "recently" expired one was 2007! I managed to get 7 to work, but there were only 2 colors and that was out of 14 or so that I tried. (Yeah, Mac's not going to be happy about that but actually, hey I just saved us the trouble of taking useless shit back to the states with us!! I should be rewarded for that!!)
...and this was when they were not fun anymore

So I get Nixon undressed, wrestle him into the tub, (once again prepared for the MP's to show up and ask to see my son as they've had reports of suspected murder sounds coming fro our house) and after a few minutes Nixon starts grabbing the glow sticks and handing me the different colors. He had fun...for about 5.5 minutes and then wanted out. SO much for solving our latest bathtime dilemma. 

He went to bed and I decided to try on my WonderWife cape...maybe that one fits me better.

I'm doing my best to help us save money for our move home in May. In 2.5 months with making shopping lists, using coupons sent to us from friends and family back home and (this month) making a meal plan, we've managed to save over $225!! I'm very proud of that because it's really all I can contribute right now. 
This month I've made: potato salad, goulash, macaroni salad and tonight, just for Mac, a barbque meatloaf!
I find recipes and then usually tweak them to make them something I know Mac will enjoy more. The meatloaf tonight had more chili powder, less chopped onions but more chopped peppers and celery (not included in the recipe) and more beef. Which actually turned out to be an awesome idea, because it cooked down a lot. He's making meatloaf sandwiches out of it, so it's not the worst thing in the world that it cooked down. He's also supposed to take one to work for some of the guys on Sunday, because it's too spicy for me to eat, plus every now and then I like sending something homemade for the single guys (that aren't total asshole douchenozzles) to eat, its good karma for me.
It smells amazing!! 

So....SuperMom, eh??....I'm still growing into that costume. But WonderWife?? It's a damned near perfect fit, everytime I try it on!!

end result...very yummy smelling!

celery, pepper, onion stacked!

bar-b-que glazed and ready to bake!

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  1. I miss the days, when bath time was fun, and not a chore!!!!!! :'( and as for your meatloaf, if I ate meat I'm sure they would have been tasty!!!!!! They looked great!!! I love bbq sauce! Yummy in my tummy as Nixon/BeBe would say! ;)