Sunday, July 31, 2011

I might need a class in tactful mommying

This latest creation of Nixon, led to a bath! 
Today's mission? Give Nixon a bath and shampoo his hair. I have no choice but to accept this mission, my child is getting that ode-du-funk, and it's gone from cute to peeeuuuuuuu! Seriously, how does a kid who can't really do much in the way of produce body odor manage to get his own funk scent??? What's a mom to do when bathtime makes her want to drink??

Well, I started by shopping this morning for more glow sticks. The only ones I could find were in the party section. I bought glow necklaces/bracelets and couple regular ole green glow sticks. After paying for those (and a 4 pack of crap cars that Nixon asked nicely for "Mommy, i have please?" without yelling OR throwing anything at me first...yeah I'm kind of a sucker for good behavior these days, especially from him), we head upstairs so I can check out potential new bath toys. Turns out.....there are no bath toys. BUT, there was a Lighting McQueen pool toy, so good enough for me!

Nixon rocking blue "lipstick"
 After Mac went to work, Nixon got into the hall closet with all the play dough, paints, markers and other art stuff. He asked to paint and I went with it. I got his area all set up, took off his shirt and shorts, sat him at the table and let him go to town! When I came back, I had quite a sight to see and a mess to clean...but Nixon was enjoying the fingerpainting! Nixon managed to paint his lips blue! With the fingerpaint. In addition to his arms, face, chest and legs! I was actually really impressed with the "lipstick" application, because I can't even put it on without a mirror and I've had years of experience!  This was right about the time I decided bath time was a GO and started getting it ready. I opened 3 glow sticks, the new floating Lighting McQueen toy and started running the bath. (Nixon of course started telling me "no bath momma, no bath!" he had a choice! cute, right?)

So, I get him into the bath, with a little coaxing. I let him bring the cars he ran across the fingerpaint covered paper into the tub with him. He was so into cleaning them off that he forgot to notice I put him IN the bath! I let him play and have fun and eventually manage to wash the paint all off him. Then comes the biggest challenge...the shampooing of the hair. I used the washcloth trick that worked so well for washing him off. I put the shampoo on the washcloth, rubbed his head with it, even got him giggling because it tickled him! Now, I probably could've just let him chill and relax for a bit. Instead, I used the usual small bucket we use when shampooing his hair.....and just dumped it over his head. Real quick: 1,2,3,4,5 and done! While Nixon is crying and screaming the whole time! (Worst mom Ever!!)

After that's done, I get his towel, dry him off and Mac had called, so he talks to Daddy for a minute while I get his jammies ready. Now, Mac couldn't see Nixon, but I could and Nixon was tattling on me!! Nixon was holding my cell in one hand, talking to Mac and with the other hand pointing very accusingly at me every time he said "bath". Except, he was still very upset and still sniveling from crying and being upset, so it sounded more like "(teeth chatter) bath...ummmm, *sniff*, yeah *sniff* mommy bath" It was so sad and so funny at the same time!

My 2.5 year old was tattling on me to Daddy...for giving him a bath!!! Who says you need siblings to teach you the finer lessons in life?? Nixon doesn't have a sibling and he's already learning how to be a tattle tale!

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