Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hewlett-Packard.....the Delta of the computer world??

Have I caught your attention now?? Can  I borrow it for a few minutes, I've got a bit of a rant about HP and it's not very pretty.

Mac has been "shopping" for a new computer for a few months now, but until recently wasn't in a buying state of mind. That all changed earlier this week. So, after a couple people he knew recommended HP because of their "stellar" military discounts Mac built, paid for (hit a road block regarding the shipping apparently they don't ship to APO/FPO addresses...strike 1 HP), resolved this by paying $20 and using a service that gives a stateside address then forwards the item to your APO/FPO address, and received a confirmation email that his order was being processed. Mac was happy to be done with the stress of shopping for a new laptop.

Until he checked his email and saw this message from HP:
"Order Canceled- Please Call"

Mac came home from work this morning and called HP, to find out what the issue was and why they'd canceled the order. Was there a problem with the APO/FPO shipping company he was using to get to computer sent here? Was there something wrong with the components of the computer he'd built? Was the military discount code somehow invalid now? What was the issue? (knowing my husband, this drove him nuts all night at work...this not knowing why and having to wait to get an answer)

He called, and was put on hold for over 15 minutes. He was directed to the Corporate Headquarters and he got an apology for the inconvenience of a canceled order. He was asked for his location, so that "I may direct you to several HP stores nearby so that we may assist you in person better" ('s a hint, lady, check your records and look at the billing info to see where the address is before offering this HOT PIECE OF HELP next time.....). Mac responded "I'm stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan so you're suggesting I wait another year before getting a new computer from you??" She said "We'd be happy to assist you when you return to the states."

Here's the best part. The entire reason for the cancellation of Mac's order?? Are you sitting down? This came directly from HP's headquarters. 


Yep, that's right. They did not give a reason for the canceled order. Not one single excuse. Not even some lame, half-assed excuse that you know is a lie, but at least they're making the attempt to lie to you, so you feel like that they care enough to lie to me so they must care a little bit about my business, so it's kind of okay? No, HP made no attempt at any of that. Instead they've still got a hold on my husband's bank card, for the amount of the computer ($379.00) for the next few days, even though they canceled the order, because, of course!, they processed his credit card info before canceling the order, so that's not why the order was canceled either. (The funds should be released in a few days, Mac's bank is very good about that. If it's not he'll call and get it taken care of, we're not too worried about it as far as that goes...after all he has the email that says "Order Canceled- Please Call" from HP).

The thing that really boils my blood is: why say "Please Call" if you have no intentions of explaining WHY the order was canceled? No explanation was given. NO resolution reached. Mac doesn't have a laptop coming his way from HP. But HP can still tote themselves as military friendly. Apparently, they're only military friendly if you're right their in their face, in uniform, in a store, setting their representatives minds at ease that you in fact truly do serve in the military.
And you know what, I'd even have understood (and I know Mac would have too), if he'd been told they wanted to verify his military service somehow, before processing the order. But no, they canceled it, wasted his time by having him call them and never gave him an explanation. 

Hewlett-Packard......My husband is still waiting for a legitimate reason for your cancellation of his order.

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