Friday, July 22, 2011

Damn I wish I payed more attention in Geography Class

So, this is going to show just how lame I really am. But it's also going to show how deeply grateful and touched I am that so many people read, and I hope, enjoy my blog.

My newest obsession is the stats of my blog. I check those multiple times during the day. I get giddy when I see the number creeping over 10, ease past 20 and you don't even want to know what happens if I happen to have a post that sees 30-40 hits in one day. It's embarrassing. No, it's funny but not something I'm ready to make public yet. 

I pulled up my stats for this month. I'm a little amazed with how many people look at my blog and where you all are from! July's stats look like this:
United States 295/Japan 61/Canada 22/Malaysia 9/Australia 2/Germany 2/Austria 1/Azerbaijan 1/Bahamas 1/France 1/South Korea 1

First, thank you to everyone who has read anything I've ever written on this blog. 
Second, how fucking cool is it that I have a reader in a country I couldn't even identify on a map?!?!? Nevermind find on a map, I can't ever pronounce it...which is not to say I don't appreciate the person who's read my blog from there, it's more to say America's school systems seriously fail their students. Azerbaijan according to Mac is south of  Russia and north of Iran.
Third, yet more proof I was never very good at geography...I thought Austria had broken up as a country. Sorry about that y'all. I mentioned that to Mac and I asked him "Are you sure?" when he told me I was wrong. 

The point of all this wasn't just to advertise my very obvious lacking in the geographical department, though it's a pretty huge shortcoming. The point is to say Thanks for Reading!! Can't wait to entertain you some more!


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