Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Monday so why wouldn't the world end today??

Haha....So, remember this post  from just yesterday, when I thought I was getting divorced? Yeah that was funny wasn't it? Turns out I was actually predicting the future just a bit too. 

Mac let me sleep in this morning and he got up with Nixon. I love when he does this. (He got cut loose from work early last night, so not only did we get to see each other for a bit, for the first time all weekend, but I knew Mac was home when I fell asleep last night.) It was nice. Until he work me up like this:

Mac: It's 9:30 babe.
Me: (some kind of noise that is totally unintelligible)
Mac: Nixon spilled water on my computer and it won't turn on
Me: Are you serious??
Mac: Yeah (and he left the room)
Me: shit, well I'm awake now

So the story is, Mac left his water bottle next to his laptop while he was fixing Nixon's breakfast. Nixon managed to pull off a couple keys and then spill the water (because the top wasn't securely not totally Nixon's fault). He was so quiet when it happened Mac hadn't even noticed what happened, he thought the powercord came loose at first. Nixon even tried to clean up the mess with wipes, before Mac gave him breakfast. 

The laptop is in a big pan of rice, but it's not looking good. We'll see, but it might really be time for that new laptop. 

And Mac's desk is now an automatic trip to Time Out for Nixon. There's no other option. Also, I'm pretty sure Mac's not allowed to have liquids on that desk anymore either, since this was also partly his fault.

The "best" part??? This all happened while I was sleeping, so this is in no way, shape or form my fault at all!!! It's a wonderful feeling :) I mean I'm heartbroken that Mac's laptop took a bath and all....but wasn't me!

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