Monday, July 25, 2011

The post office gave me better gifts than my husband...too bad I have to buy everything first...I feel so cheated now.

This is me, with my custom mug...and it's all true!
Yesterday was not my typical run-of-the-mill post office day. First I had to take Nixon and try to redeem myself as the "Best Aunt Ever" to my niece, Violet. Her first birthday was the 18th of this month and I had totally let the month slip by without getting her gift. I knew one thing I wanted to get her...because Mac had suggested it (her name in Kanji, just like I'd gotten for her sister). So I stopped and ordered that yesterday morning after mac's haircut. Then, since Nixon decided NOT to nap at his usual time, so he came with me to get the rest of Violet's gifts..
Can I just say.....I have no clue what to shop for when it comes to buying for a baby girl?!?!? The clothes alone left me baffled and confused!! I mean, honestly, leggings, ruffles bottoms, skorts, tights, skirts.....I was loosing my mind!!! So I picked two complete outfits, that looked cute and like something I would put a daughter I had in, which might not be something Snotface would pick for her it's perfect! Then, Nixon picked out a babydoll for his cousin! And we were done!! (And I sent a thankful prayer to the goddesses for sending me a boy because I can shop for a boy, girls almost cause me to break out the paper bag and breath deeply into it!)

Nixon was ready for a nap after that, so I took him home, got the gifts ready to ship and then off to the post office. (Don't worry, he wasn't home alone, Mac was home sleeping as well, since he was working last night. So I told Mac I was leaving and he knew Nixon might get up and wander into our bedroom. Geez....what kind of mom do you think I am?!?!?) I love the drive to the post office, even in the rain! It's a nice 10-15 minute drive and by myself, it's pure heaven. I can listen to a podcast or my favorite angry chick music or anything that Mac is not a fan of. Or nothing at all. Sometimes, like yesterday, I turn off the radio and I listened to the wipers swish across the windshield and the rain beat on the roof of car. I also heard the thunder boom overhead. It was so soothing, since thunderstorms like the one we had yesterday are a rarity and something I missed, without even realizing I was missing them. 

Now, where was I?!?!? Oh yeah...the post office. So I got there, checked our box and we had no notices of packages to be picked up. I grabbed Violet's box, and went to send it out. While I was filling out the customs form (BIGGEST pain in the ass ever!! I can not wait to never have to fill one of those out again!!) 3 package slips went into our box!! So, because our post office staff is kind of awesome, they grabbed the packages while I paid for the shipping. HELLOS all the shits for me!!! (This is exciting because it almost never happens that way!)

First, the exciting envelope: big thing of coupons from a facebook friend. Epic score!
Second, really fast shipped electronic: new 9 cell battery for my netbook. Shits yeah no more charging this bitch every 45-56 minutes, suckas!!

And finally, the creme-dela-creme box: my brand new, custom ordered coffee mug!!!! But I'd rather add pictures than just try to tell you about the awesomeness. 

Close up of the mug
This was my morning setup....sometimes I have to bribe myself to get out of bed. New mug, preset coffee and caramel coffee syrup was my bribe today. 

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  1. Love the mug! And I totally get what you're saying about shopping for girls. Just walking through the girls' section to GET to the boys' clothes gives me hives. Most of my best friends' kids are girls. I refuse to buy clothes. They get toys. And NOT the kind that light up and make noise. I don't want to get that shit in return. ;)